Thursday, May 19, 2011

exotic animal sightings and continued preparations

I'm getting my tourist on. 

WHOOO ONLY TWO DAYS until I leave for QUITO! Unfortunately, I still have quite a bit to pack.. which is why I probably shouldn't be a-bloggin' right about now. whatevs, whatevs. 

(sort of) exotic animals

proud parents. 

This happy lil family has been chilling at our house for quite a while now. See how the one on the left has his/her neck down? Those are called effective scare tactics. The one on the right is literally hissing at me. It was actually kind of terrifying. 

However, in spite of their fair warning, I hung around to get a couple pictures of these perturbed geese. Does this mean that whole "practicing being brave" concept (from the previous post) includes making familias of geese angry?

Just look at those cutie-pie goslings..I guess I would be protective of those little guys, too. 

This picture isn't exactly fantastic quality.. but it's my favorite bird of all time- a painted bunting! It has a nest around here somewhere and we have occasional sightings. It always makes my day when I see one! 

Here's a better picture that does the (male) painted bunting a little justice (via Google Images)

An exotic animal indeed- the Morkie. a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie. also known as Junebug.

Caroline felt guilty about dropping the poor 5 pound Junebug, so she kissed her to make up for it. When it occurred to her that the scene was moderately cute, she wanted me to take a picture of her kissing Junebug. She kept cutting her eyes across to my camera to make sure I was documenting all of the cuteness. 

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  1. FIRST FOLLOWER. Glad I have a friend from high school in the blogging world :)