Wednesday, May 18, 2011

things I've learned today

I love learning! (especially now that I'm not graded on it, heheh:)) People have all sorts of little lessons to teach you.. least of all when you're expecting it. 

what Rachel and Caroline taught me:

Today, she taught me that no matter how wonderful of an education I get, I'll probably never know as many things as I knew in high school. My tenth grade English teacher warned us of this phenomenon, but I never believed him until now.

It all started when Rachel asked Emily for help balancing a chemical equation...

That simple question she asked made me realize that not only had I completely forgotten everything of or related to chemistry, but I'll also never know how to balance a chemical equation again. EVER. 

It's quite ridiculous to think about the sheer breadth of information we're taught in high school compared to college. I remember back in the day when Emily was a wee fifteen year old, she could balance a chemical equation like it was nothin'. 

The weird thing is, my failure to balance a chemical equation doesn't bother me. AT ALL. My six year old sister randomly offered me some insight into this perplexing conundrum: "Sometimes my brain forgets things. but that's okay. I think my brain forgot some things so I could learn new stuff. My brain would esplode (spelling based on pronunciation) if I knew that much."

love the logic. 

Caroline, a couple weeks ago, trying out that whole "modeling" thing.

what Joseph taught me:

Today, Joseph taught me that sometimes you have to "practice being brave." 

Several months ago, Caroline innocently(?) threw a frisbee intending to show off her impressive skills as Joseph obliviously ran by. 

As it turned out, Joseph happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he experienced no less than a.. painful collision. The devastating crash left him scarred and emotionally bruised for weeks. He shrieked every time a frisbee flew within a ten foot radius of him. He had, in fact, been conditioned to associate frisbees with pure terror. 

Today, however, Joseph picked up a frisbee on his own and asked me to play with him. Everything began as expected. Joseph continued to shriek every time he saw a frisbee flying through the air (even if my aim was a "little" off and it was heading fifteen feet away from him).  

I asked him why he screamed every time I threw a frisbee towards him and he replied that he didn't know.. he only knew he didn't want to get hit with the frisbee again. 

I asked him if he could try to be brave and stop screaming (to be honest, it was hurting my ears a bit). He replied, "I guess being brave just takes some practice." 

By the end of the hour-long frisbee sesh, not only did we discover that Joseph can throw a frisbee more accurately than I can (yet another thing I learned today...), but he also caught the frisbee four whole times! He was beaming with pride at the thought of this feat. It was really quite adorable.. love that kid. And it was a fantastic lesson for me as well. 

I don't have any pictures of the frisbee sesh, but I find this one absolutely hysterical. He's just waiting to hear back about that modeling contract.

and last but not least.... what stumbleupon taught me: 

It's possible for life to be a Disney movie:


...and so is Cinderella.

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