Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As silly as it seems.. I am legitimately quite terrified. Why, you might ask? Because I still have one looming final exam before summer officially begins and my freshman year in college comes to an end? Is it because in eleven days, I'll be traveling to South America (Quito, to be exact) for the first time in my life? Am I scared because it will be my first time out of the United States completely by myself?

Nope, good guesses though. I'm terrified.. because I'm freaking starting a blog.

I know. Quite a terrifying prospect, isn't it.

I'm not exactly sure why the prospect of creating a blog is this terrifying for me. I think my apprehension stems from this crazy idea that when people look at this site, they'll actually read what I write. Scary stuff, I know.

Soooo, in my quest to conquer this apparent fear that people will listen to what I have to say, I'm starting a blog. Hopefully, it'll serve two purposes:

1. to conquer my aforementioned fear..
2. to document/reflect upon my trip to QUITO, ECUADOR!

I'll be there for 7 weeks this summer and I honestly could not be more excited! more details to come later :)

goodnight all,


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